Prevacid also termed as lansoprazole, which emanates under proton pump inhibitor class. The vital act of Prevacid is to combat the acid creationin the stomach facilitatesits function and avert it from the threat of acidity, gas, ulcer, etc. One can get rid of the risk called intestinal ulcers, erosive esophagitis and several other impedimentsallied to the stomach. To get the service drop at your doorstep try ordering it online. We have a well-known site called The biggest benefits of ordering from this site is, you will get in a cheapest price plus effective in response and approved by an FDA.

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Prevacid 15mg

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Prevacid 30mg

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Dosage guidance

Any age group and gender can take this pill, but under prescribed manner. In most of the cases it has been administeredto take 30mg of pill. Taking any of the pills in excessive or moderate amount or more regular, then suggested may cause a sort of extreme side-effects or may fail to give a proper response. Follow the instructionsappropriately. The dosage fluctuates as per the rigorousness of the condition. Taking one tablet in a day specified sufficient to act well. Uphold a break of 24 hours between the dosages.A one glass of normal water would be sufficient to take this pill.

Prevention measures

Most of the people found allergic to Prevacid; it has been noticedthat in many of the cases lansoprazolefails to suit the immune function of the person. If, a person facing any kind of severe health issue, must take the medicine under doctor’s supervision. Taking online Prevacidin stage of pregnancy and lactating may cause certain sort of side-effects to the mother and the baby. Thus, consult your specialist in this case. Do not mash or crush the tablet, you need to gulp it entirely.

Side-effects of prevacid

Chest pain, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, giddiness, etc. are some normal for of side-effect can be noticed after taking this supplement.


Store the medicine completely in your contact area. Do not expose it to the sunlight and air. Keep it away from kids.

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