Lozol (Indapamide)



Indapamide also known as Lozol an oral antihypertensive/diuretic; it comprises a component called polar sulfamoyl chlorobenzamide moiety and a lipid-soluble methylindoline moiety. Indapamide medicine is used to assuage high blood pressure and to stabilize the high level of salt and water in human body that occurs due to various reasons and disorder of heart. Moderation in the high blood pressure helps obviate the issue of strokes, heart attack and kidney related issue. Diminishing amount of salt & water of the body helps to moderate the swelling and hurdle of breathing, from congestive heart failure and enhancement in working capability. It is an FDA agreed pills found accessible online in an inexpensive price. We have the most working site called daynighthealthcare247.com, which holds all the drugs in a cheapest price.

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Lozol 1.5mg

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How does Indapamide works 

Indapamide is oral forms of drugs that increase the level of urine you get form. Decrement in the salt and over presence of fluid in the body helps assuage the blood brook so that the blood can move easily. In short, it improves the movement of the blood throughout the body, which consequences decline in the blood pressure level and comfort in the heart pumping. 

Dosage description

One need to run the pills as per the prescription, any one taking it in over or under amount or more regular than directed may face a form of severe side-effects. Since, it is an oral form of supplements recommended to take with the normal water, without mashing or breaking. Normally, it has been asked to take one pill in a day particularly in the morning or as prescribed by the physician. Consuming Indapamide 4 hours prior of your bedtime period, reduces the frequency of night urine. Well, the amount of dosage differs as per the austerity of the condition.

Prevention measures 

A woman under pregnancy and breast feeding must seek help of the physician for the exact dosage intake.   

Someone finding it unsuitable or allergic to this drug must avert taking indapamide. Any age group facing any sort of extreme health impediments or going through any medication process must reveal it before practicing Indapamide. 


Diarrhea, biliousness, faintness, vomiting, minor stomach ache, etc. are some most seen phase of side-effects. 


Place the drug in your contact region, away from small kids, sunlight, heat and moisture.   

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