Calcium Pills

Calcium Pills

Calcium pills

An excessive amount of calcium is found in the bones and teeth. Bones absorbs around 99% of calcium; whereas, 1% get mixed in the blood. This is the vital mineral, which builds bones strength and structure and prevent from bone disorders. A miniature quantity of calcium gets mixed in the blood and acts efficiently for healthy functioning of the heart, muscles, blood and nerves. Insufficient calcium in the bones and blood leads to cause osteoporosis a kind of severe bone disorders. According to the studies women seems more at risk of osteoporosis than men; since, they face the stage of pregnancy and baby birth. Besides, menopause is the situation in women, which turns the bone density, gets diminishing. Thus, we have come up with the online cheap calcium rich tablet for the woman, who holds deficiency of it and facing an osteoporosis problem. Due to its outstanding effect and cheapest price people prefer using it around the globe. You can easily by this medicine online by preferring the site called, Other related disorders with calcium deficiency are High blood pressure, colon cancer, Breast cancer, Insulin resistance and obesity, Premenstrual syndrome, Lead poisoning

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Calcium Pills 500 mg

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Dosage prescription

Be careful while taking calcium rich tablets, taking any of the medicine in excessiveor under amount may fail to give proper response or lead tocause certain formof side-effects. According to the research an over intake of cheap calcium pills may develop the risk of prostate cancer and probably an ovarian cancer. This is not only prescribed for the women in fact for the men and kids too. But, the dosage varies as per the age groups. This medicine ought to be purchased only by this deficiency holder.

Daily Requirement of Calcium- Our bones absorb higher amount of this element in the age of 20s. Quick bone loss takes place during the menopause phase, so at this situation woman needs more of this particular substance. In older adults, calcium is absorbed very merely from the intestine and drop highly through the kidneys, so its consumption ought to be managed appropriately.

The prescribed dosage

  1. Adults and adolescents need to take = 1000 mg
  2. Teens, women above age of 50 and men over 70 must take = 1300 mg
  3. Children of one year old must take = 500 to 800 mg

Storage: Try storing it in the room temperature. Do not expose it to the sunrays or moisture.


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